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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why are the NCTM process standards important in the mathematics classroom today?

Asking good questions and promoting discourse is an integral part of the teaching and learning in a classroom. It is worth our time!
Using the NCTM process of standards really help us as teachers to understand the challenges our students face and it helps us provide several means and methods to open learning to our students.

    • posing questions to challenge student thinking;
    • listening carefully and monitoring understanding;
    • encouraging each student to participate – even if it means asking, “Who can repeat what Andrew said?” or “Who can explain in another way what Bailey did?”
I feel that setting up the classroom norms is so important for you as a teacher and for your students. It sets the standards an expectation of which both you and your students can rely on to do good work and be fair.

Teachers can reflect on their practice by examining a model for representation. Students’ thinking about problem solving as reflected in these representations may differ from their teachers’ thinking. The Representations Model provides a lens for making sense of students’ responses to tasks. (I think that this says it all.)

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